The Costliest Mistakes

Although QuickBooks is popular because it can be used by small business owners and accountants who have little or no accounting experience, there is still a learning curve and a chance that some entries may not be entered correctly. Here are a few of the telltale signs where we can likely save you time, money, and headaches:

  • If you have account balances or financial statements that don’t make sense.
  • If your CPA or tax preparer says your file needs to be cleaned up before they can do your taxes, and you don’t know what to do.
  • If your file runs slow or displays error messages frequently.
  • If your statements are out of balance.
  • If you can’t get the reports, you need to make good business decisions.
  • If you cannot get your accounts to reconcile.
  • If you frequently call the support line at Intuit.
  • If your accounting is taking you longer than you think it should.
  • If your reports show items, you know have already been paid or received.
    And many more.

There’s a long list of trouble spots that can occur, and you’re not alone if you’re having challenges. That’s why we offer a data file analysis when you first come to us. That gives both of us a list of action items that we can work from to help you locate trouble spots, get them corrected, and get your accountants trained to enter the data correctly and keep it clean.

In-Depth Expertise

These days, understanding how to best use QuickBooks has grown into its own set of skills apart from traditional accounting experience. Even the best accountant must spend extra time getting to know how to use the software in order to enter all of the transactions most efficiently and accurately.

We’ve gathered our knowledge across multiple years, multiple versions, multiple companies, and multiple industries. We can take all of the great ideas we see and learn at training conferences and apply them to help you complete your accounting more effectively.

Some of the ways we can help you make the most out of your software include:

  • Helping you choose the right version so you get started on the right foot
    Installation, setup, and customization for your specific business needs
  • Training and support for you or your accountants to save you valuable time and money
  • Data and file analysis and troubleshooting, in case you’re experiencing problems
  • Customized reports to get you the business intelligence you need
  • Add-ons and upgrades, in case you need more functionality

Do you need to learn QuickBooks today?

QuickBooks is a great software tool that we love for small business accounting. There are many ways to learn QuickBooks so that you can use it effectively in your business:

You can purchase a book.
You can take a course.
You can hire us for one-on-one customized training.
You can wing it and try to figure it out on your own.

Clients have shared with us that they have tried to learn the software on their own, but find that occasionally they eventually stumble upon the best way to use it, but often they do not without support and assistance.

Speed Through Your Learning Curve

By far, the most time-and cost-effective way to learn QuickBooks is to hire an Accountant that is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

With our knowledge, gathered across multiple years, multiple versions, multiple companies, and multiple industries, we’ll help you speed through your learning curve so you can be productive fast.

We can tailor a training session to your exact needs. We won’t spend time on what you already know; we’ll cover the gaps you need filled in to help you use the software in the most effective and efficient way for your business.

Your Place or Mine
We can come to your office (within 30 miles) and sit with you as you learn the software.
Or we can avoid the travel expenses, log in to your computer remotely so we can see the screen as you type, and provide a remote training session that is just as customized as the one we’d conduct at your office. Technology is amazing and will help you keep your training costs low.

Mistakes in Your Files

The great thing about hiring a QuickBooks ProAdvisor is that we can spot, correct, and prevent costly mistakes that your accountant may be making when posting your transactions. If you go a whole year making the same mistake, correcting it at tax time can be a costly nightmare.

When you hire us, we won’t let that happen; we can run your file through a checklist of common errors to make sure your transactions are recorded properly. Then we’ll train you on the correct way to enter transactions so your financials are accurate and your data file stays clean all year long.