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Three Essential Business Roles for Success and Balance

In his book, The Rebel Rules: Daring to Be Yourself in Business, author Chip Conley describes what investors look for in a management team when considering providing startup money to new businesses. He says your management team should consist of a “brain trust that includes a passionate visionary, a ‘get-your-hands-dirty’ operator, and a responsible, finance-minded executive.” Even if you’re never going to seek venture capital money to fund your business, this tidbit of advice Read more [...]
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Could Your Business Survive a Disaster?

As business owners, we want to remain optimistic about our business’s future. But life can happen, and we need to be prepared.  A good business owner thinks about all the risks to their business and has a plan in place to reduce or eliminate them.  In 2017, we’ve already had floods in the Midwest, a healthy dose of tornadoes, and an ice storm.  And those are just the weather disasters. Are you prepared for a disaster?

In 2015, Nationwide ran a survey that revealed that three out of four Read more [...]